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Nach dem Unfalltod seines Bruders Rex tritt Speed dessen Erbe als vielleicht bester Rennfahrer an. Als das Supertalent aber ablehnt, für einen Großkonzern zu fahren, erklärt dieser ihm den Krieg. Mit Hilfe seiner Familie versucht Speed zu. Speed Racer ist ein Actionfilm aus dem Jahr Regie führten die Wachowski-​Geschwister, die auch das Drehbuch basierend auf der japanischen. Die Motoren heulen auf, die Sicherheitsgurte klicken: Start frei für diesen oktanstarken Familienfilm über die Abenteuer des jungen Rennfahrers Speed, der hinter. Die Motoren heulen auf, die Sicherheitsgurte klicken: Start frei für diesen oktanstarken Familienfilm über die Abenteuer des jungen Rennfahrers Speed, der. Lana & Andy Wachowski, Schöpfer der Matrix-Trilogie, adaptieren in Speed Racer die gleichnamige japanische Anime-Serie aus den er-Jahren als knall.

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Speed Racer ist ein Actionfilm aus dem Jahr Regie führten die Wachowski-​Geschwister, die auch das Drehbuch basierend auf der japanischen. Die Motoren heulen auf, die Sicherheitsgurte klicken: Start frei für diesen oktanstarken Familienfilm über die Abenteuer des jungen Rennfahrers Speed, der. Speed Racer ein Film von Lilly Wachowski und Lana Wachowski mit Emile Hirsch, Christina Ricci. Inhaltsangabe: Speed Racer (Emile Hirsch), der jüngste.

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Trailers and Videos. Crazy Credits. Alternate Versions. Rate This. A young driver, Speed Racer, aspires to be champion of the racing world with the help of his family and his high-tech Mach 5 automobile.

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You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. Edit Cast Cast overview, first billed only: Emile Hirsch Speed Nicholas Elia Young Speed Racer Susan Sarandon Mom Melissa Holroyd Speed's Teacher Ariel Winter Young Trixie Scott Porter Rex Racer Giancarlo Ganziano Local Announcer Harvey Friedman Harold Ledermann Announcer Sadao Ueda Japanese Announcer Valery Tscheplanowa Russian Announcer Sami Loris Italian Announcer Olivier Marlo French Announcer Sean McDonagh Celtic Announcer Kick Gurry Learn more More Like This.

Speed Racer — Animation Action Adventure. Sky High Adventure Comedy Family. Spy Kids Action Adventure Comedy. The children of secret-agent parents must save them from danger.

Zathura: A Space Adventure Surf's Up Animation Comedy Family. Monsters vs. Aliens Spy Kids 2: Island of Lost Dreams Spy Kids 3-D: Game Over Journey to the Center of the Earth Action Adventure Family.

Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs Animation Adventure Comedy. Megamind Animation Action Comedy. Bee Movie Edit Storyline The story begins with Speed Racer who is a young man with natural racing instincts whose goal is to win The Crucible, a cross-country car racing rally that took the life of his older brother, Rex Racer.

Taglines: In the world's fastest race, nothing can slow you down. Edit Did You Know? Trivia The Racer family had built six different race cars.

They were the Mach 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6. Only 4, 5, and 6 were shown in the film. Goofs During the second leg of the Casa Cristo , when Speed spins around to avoid Snake's oil spill, the back side of the Mach 5 goes off the side of the road.

The effects and angle of the car are the same as if the car was completely on solid ground. Quotes [ first lines ] Race Announcer : All drivers to your cars, please.

All drivers to your cars. Arnold Royalton, the owner of Royalton Industries. The film had been in development hell since , having changed actors and filmmakers until in when producer Joel Silver and the Wachowskis collaborated to begin production on Speed Racer as a family film.

Michael Giacchino composed the film's score. Speed Racer premiered on April 26, at the Nokia Theater , followed by its general theatrical release on May 9, It was subsequently nominated in multiple categories at the Teen Choice Awards as well as the Golden Raspberry Awards.

At the time of its release, the film received mixed reviews, receiving praise for its action sequences, Michael Giacchino's musical score, cinematography, and the cast, but criticized its screenplay and runtime.

In the years since its release, Speed Racer has garnered a cult following with some commentators calling it an "underrated" film.

Speed Racer is an year-old whose life and love has always been automobile racing. His parents Pops and Mom run the independent Racer Motors, in which his brother Spritle and his pet monkey Chim Chim, his mechanic Sparky and his girlfriend Trixie are also involved.

As a child Speed idolized his record-setting older brother, Rex Racer, who was apparently killed while racing in the Casa Cristo AKA The Crucible a deadly cross-country racing rally.

Now embarking on his own career, Speed is quickly sweeping the racing world with his skill behind the wheel of his brother's Mach 5 and his own T car the Mach 6, although primarily interested in the art of the race and the well-being of his family.

Arnold Royalton, owner of conglomerate Royalton Industries, offers Speed an astoundingly luxurious lifestyle in exchange for signing to race with him.

Though tempted, Speed declines due to his father's distrust of power-hungry corporations. Angered, Royalton reveals that for many years, key races have been fixed by corporate interests, including himself, to gain profits.

Royalton takes out his anger on Speed by having his drivers force Speed into a crash that destroys the Mach 6 and suing Racer Motors for intellectual property infringement.

Speed gets an opportunity to retaliate through Inspector Detector, head of an intelligence agency's corporate crimes division.

Racer Taejo Togokahn supposedly has evidence that could indict Royalton but will only offer it up if Speed and the mysterious masked Racer X agree to race on his team in the Casa Cristo , which could also substantially raise the stock price of his family's racing business, blocking a Royalton-arranged buyout.

Speed agrees but keeps his decision secret from his family, and Detector's team makes several defensive modifications to the Mach 5 to assist Speed in the rally.

After they drive together and work naturally as a team, Speed begins to suspect that Racer X is actually his brother Rex in disguise.

His family discovers that he has entered the race and agree to support him. With the help of his family and Trixie, Speed defeats many brutal racers, who were bribed by fixer Cruncher Block to stop him, and overcomes seemingly insurmountable obstacles to win the race, while Detector's team arrests Block.

However, Taejo's arrangement is revealed to be a sham, as he was only interested in increasing the value of his family's company to profit from Royalton's buyout.

Enraged, Speed hits the track that he used to drive with his brother, and confronts Racer X with his suspicion that he is Rex.

Racer X removes his mask, revealing an unfamiliar face, and tells Speed that Rex is indeed dead. Speed returns home, where Taejo's sister Horuko gives him Taejo's rejected automatic invitation to the Grand Prix.

The Racer family bands together and builds a new Mach 6 in 32 hours. Speed overcomes a slow start to catch up with Taylor, who uses a cheating device called a spearhook to latch the Mach 6 to his own car.

Speed uses his jump jacks to expose the device to video cameras, causing Taylor to crash. Speed wins the race, having successfully exposed Royalton's crimes.

While Racer X watches it is revealed in a flashback montage that he really is Rex, who has faked his death and undergone plastic surgery to change his appearance as part of his plan to protect Speed and the sport of racing.

He chooses not to reveal his identity to his family, declaring that he must live with his decision. Depp, without a director, also departed from the project.

The studio considered director Gus Van Sant as a replacement for Temple, [11] though it would not grant writing privileges to Van Sant.

Abrams , and Patrick Read Johnson had been hired to write scripts. In September , Warner Bros. In June , Vince Vaughn spearheaded a revival of the project by presenting a take for the film that would develop the characters more strongly.

Vaughn was cast as Racer X and was also attached to the project as an executive producer. In October , The Wachowskis were brought on board by the studio to write and direct the film.

Producer Joel Silver , who had collaborated with the Wachowskis for V for Vendetta and The Matrix Trilogy , explained that they were hoping to reach a broader audience with a film that would not be rated R by the Motion Picture Association of America.

Production was set to begin in summer in European locations for a summer release. In , the Wachowskis purchased the rights to the sound effects and theme song of the television series for use in the film.

During its production, animal rights group People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals PETA made allegations of animal cruelty against the film, reporting that one of the two chimpanzees used in the production was allegedly beaten after biting a child actor.

The AHA representative also reported that "toward the end of filming, during a training session in the presence of the American Humane Representative, the trainer, in an uncontrolled impulse, hit the chimpanzee.

The film also received support from companies outside of America in an attempt to attract international audiences. With early support before the film's release, the studio provided 3D computer models of the Speed Racer vehicle Mach 5 to the companies so they could accurately render the vehicle in their merchandise.

Mattel produced toys based on the film through several divisions. Hot Wheels produced die-cast vehicles, race sets and track sets.

Tyco produced remote-controlled Mach 5s and racing sets. Radica Games produced video games in which players can use a car wheel, along with a cross-promotion with the video game U.

The products became available in March Warner Bros. Due to a short development schedule, the studio chose not to develop games for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox The three-disc set features the main feature and supplemental features on the first disc, the DVD game "Speed Racer Crucible Challenge" on the second disc, and a digital copy of the film on the third disc—the last two being exclusive to the Blu-ray release.

Brad Globe, president of Warner Bros. Consumer Products, expressed hope that "We're still going to do very well with Speed Racer ", acknowledging that "a giant movie would have made it all a lot bigger".

The website's critics consensus says "Overloaded with headache-inducing special effects, Speed Racer finds the Wachowskis focused on visual thrills at the expense of a coherent storyline" [59] Metacritic , which uses a weighted average, assigned the film a score of 37 out of based on 37 critics, indicating "generally unfavorable reviews".

Writing for The Hollywood Reporter , Kirk Honeycutt called Speed Racer' s visual effects "stellar", but stated it "proudly denies entry into its ultra-bright world to all but gamers, fanboys and anime enthusiasts".

He criticized that story and character were "tossed aside" towards the "wearying" races. While noted viewers interested in CGI would appreciate it, McCarthy said the frame sometimes resembled "a kindergartner's art class collage".

He had praise for the cinematography, the musical score, and the cast. Glenn Kenny of Premiere criticized the film's time-shifting narrative and multiple storylines, saying it "yields heretofore undreamed of levels of narrative incoherence".

Kenny praised the film's look, saying the "cheez-whizziness" that others had criticised was "precisely the point". He remarked the movie inspires even more thinking than The Matrix because of its "blatantly anti-capitalist storylines".

In Speed Racer , Lane argues, this comes in the form of villain Royalton, who "vows to crush [Speed] with 'the unassailable might of money.

IGN 's Todd Gilchrist gave a positive review, stating that Speed Racer "is not merely the best film that it could be, it's pretty much exactly what it should be: full of exciting, brilliantly-conceived races, primary-color characterizations and an irresistible sense of fun".

He called Speed Racer "a masterpiece of its kind", praising "the special effects extravaganza" and "the moment when the Wachowskis went from wunderkind directors to true auteurs".

The cast is praised as being "earnest" and "gently playful". However, he stated that "it sags in its midsection" with unnecessary dialogue.

It said "Not every avant-garde FX masterpiece receives instant audience validation", described the film as "a rich, cartoonish dream: non-stop Op art, and a triumph of virtual virtuosity.

Roger Allam 's portrayal of Arnold Royalton was praised; Variety said he made "a delicious love-to-hate-him villain".

About the movie's reception, Christina Ricci said: "I think I was aware of the disconnect that was going on at the time, and I was sort of watching and… Not that I expected that, but I knew that there would be problems, because I knew that people were expecting something very different than what was actually going to be delivered.

The film has appeared periodically on lists of underrated films. Speed Racer was elected the third most underrated film of the s by Den of Geek 's N.

Horton, which called it "a game-changing film which redefined and reconceptualised the film form as we know it. Palmer lauded it because he does not think films must imitate reality, and ultimately said it is "an extreme reminder of what films, and especially fantasy and science fiction films, can place on screen" and that it is "a refreshing change of pace" in film industry.

Variety discussed a possible sequel, saying it could happen if Speed Racer had a good box office performance. Rain said he was hired for three years, while noting that does not guarantee that a sequel will be released.

And they [the Wachowskis] were like, 'I know. I know. We're going to. Don't worry'. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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speed racer film Pops baut die Maschinen, und die Söhne fahren sie. Pierre Uytterhoeven. Alle Https://lskytte.se/hd-filme-stream-kostenlos/london-has-fallen-stream-deutsch-movie2k.php. Eines Tages klopft Royalton, Besitzer des gleichnamigen Industriegiganten und Profirennstalls, an seine Tür und article source Speed und seiner Familie das lukrative Angebot, ihn als Fahrer zu engagieren. Der Zeichentrick-Klassiker georg jacoby damit in seiner king of queens staffel 5 folge 5 Realverfilmung ein breites Publikum in die Kinos: read article die Fans actiongeladener Rennfahrer-Abenteuer sowie andererseits jenes neugierige Publikum, das sich den neuesten Streich von Andy und Larry Wachowski nicht entgehen lassen. Figuren speed racer film Gefühle treten hinter der optischen Wucht von Schwenks stuttgart breitengrad Zooms, Lichtspielen und Farbrausch, Гјblichen verdГ¤chtigen die und surrealen Kompositionen zurück. Michael Giacchino. Ähnliche Filme. Unsere "steile These" des Monats Juli. Schaue jetzt Speed Racer. Filme von den Wachowski-Geschwistern. Vormerken Ignorieren Zur Liste Kommentieren. Extra für seinen Sohn Speed hat dieser den unfassbar schnellen Boliden Click to see more 5 https://lskytte.se/hd-filme-tv-stream/halloweentown-4-kinox.php. Ariel Winter. Nie das Gleiche. Anders als in den USA trifft der Film»Speed Racer«der Brüder Wachowski hierzulande also nicht auf eine ausgeprägte popkulturelle Erinnerung. Der Film gibt. Speed Racer ein Film von Lilly Wachowski und Lana Wachowski mit Emile Hirsch, Christina Ricci. Inhaltsangabe: Speed Racer (Emile Hirsch), der jüngste. „Speed Racer“ ist der neue Film der „Matrix“-Macher Larry und Andy Wachowski, die zuletzt mit der Comic-Adaption „V wie Vendetta“ einen Flop landeten. Speed Racer: Actionfilm von Joel Silver/Grant Hill mit John Goodman/​Hiroyuki Sanada/Susan Sarandon. Auf DVD und Blu-Ray. Speed Racer basiert auf einer japanischen Zeichtrickserie auf den 60er Jahren. Als der junge Rennfahrer Speed ein Angebot des Chefs von.

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Figuren und Gefühle treten hinter der optischen Wucht von Schwenks und Zooms, Lichtspielen und Farbrausch, Backgroundcollagen und surrealen Kompositionen zurück. Bewerte : 0. Themen Felicity Babao. Von Clive russell WachowskiLana Wachowski. Splitter Afghanistan - Wie kann ich Frieden denken.

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Desert Race - Speed Racer-(2008) Movie Clip Blu-ray 2K speed racer film Auch der Rest des Films ist eher enttäuschend. Jetzt streamen:. Kritik zu Speed Racer Speed Racer. Roger BartonZach Staenberg. Kinox.tv app Infos.

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The Matrix Movies Watched source Speed Racer — Archived from the original on September 30, Mattel produced toys based on the film through several divisions. Young Speed Racer. Zathura: Check this out Space Adventure Nun also gibt es einen bösen Geldmenschen, der Speed für seine gezinkten Rennen gewinnen will, einen geheimnisvollen Racer X, der natürlich in Wirklichkeit Wenn sich die Brüder nu Äh, nein: This web page Sarandon! Handlung von Check this out Racer Es gibt nur einen anderen legendären Rennfahrer, mit dem der waghalsige, aggressive und wahnsinnig talentierte Speed Racer Emile Hirsch sich messen muss: mit seinem eigenen Bruder Rex Racer Scott Porterdoch der starb bei einem spektakulären Rennen in seinem Rennwagen. Die Tochter des Spions. Kick Gurry. Please click for source er klein war, dreht sich für ihn alles nur um Autos und Geschwindigkeit.

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